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Fly Your UAV Safely Over People with Transport Canada Certified AVSS Parachute Systems

Even a small drone can cause critical injuries to a person or create severe consequences as a result of impact with crucial infrastructure. A drone parachute system not only helps drone businesses operate over people safely, but also decreases the risks of property damage thus maintaining business reputation. If you are searching for a drone parachute system, ensure it has an Automatic Trigger System (ATS) and Independent power source that allows deployment in the event of drone power failure. Ideally, the best parachute system is light weight (to maximize your drone's flight time), automatic, and reliable, including the integrated flight termination mentioned.

AVSS, a Canadian Drone Parachute manufacturer, has released a new parachute system for the DJI Mavic 3 for over people operations and complex missions. Their popularity has been increasing since Transport Canada granted certification to AVSS for over-people operations.

Featuring a weigh of only 215 grams, the Parachute System pairs perfectly with the DJI Mavic 3 thanks to its attachment bracket which secures the PRS without interfering with the GPS modules. Activation can occur manually through the independent remote or automatically through an electronic module.

DJI Mavic 3 with Parachute System
DJI Mavic 3 landing with Parachute System

A Parachute System May Be Necessary For Your UAV Operations

If you are planning to apply for a specific drone operation such as flying in restricted areas or beyond visual line of sight, you may be legally required to install a parachute prior to obtaining such approval. According to the FAA, over 90% of waiver applicants opted for a parachute system to mitigate risks. These applicants were ASTM certified, a testing procedure overseen by US aviation authorities for proving the system's performance.

It is recommended to use a drone parachute not only for legal reasons but also safety and cost reduction purposes. Whenever a drone carries expensive equipment such as cameras or payloads, a parachute system can avoid crashes and expensive repairs, reducing your overall drone operational costs.

As commercial drone operations continue to rise in popularity due to its various benefits, securing the integrity of your business, infrastructure, and people is crucial. 

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