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Inspired Flight IF800: Redefining Drone Excellence with Blue UAS Certification

The IF800 distinguishes itself as a prominent member of the Blue UAS cohort, having undergone rigorous evaluation by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) of the Department of Defense (DoD) and subsequently receiving commendation for its suitability for deployment in government operations. As part of the comprehensive Blue UAS effort, which serves as a dynamic framework for the rapid assessment and integration of commercial unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology, the IF800 exemplifies the convergence of cutting-edge innovation with stringent regulatory compliance.
The blue UAS IF800 joins a select group of commercial drones that meet the diverse requirements of DoD customers, ensuring reliability, security, and efficiency in mission-critical scenarios. Through its accreditation as a Blue UAS product, the IF800 reinforces its status as a trusted and versatile aerial platform, poised to contribute significantly to both governmental and civilian endeavors. The Blue UAS IF800 is not only impeccably designed but also highly durable. Made from lightweight materials, this drone is built to withstand the rigours of outdoor operations, ensuring that it remains in pristine condition even after countless flights.
One of the standout features of the IF800 Tomcat is its advanced GPS navigation system. This cutting-edge technology allows for precise positioning and stable flight, even in challenging environments. Whether you're navigating through dense forests or flying in windy conditions, the IF800 Tomcat will keep you on track, ensuring that you never lose sight of your target.
The IF800 Tomcat is not only renowned for its exceptional speed and maneuverability with powerful brushless motors but also boasts a suite of capabilities suited for diverse applications, including defense, mapping, utility inspection, and public safety. With its maximum speed of 49 miles per hour, this drone offers unparalleled agility and efficiency in various scenarios. Whether deployed for reconnaissance missions in defense operations, mapping vast terrains for urban planning, inspecting critical infrastructure for utility maintenance, or aiding in public safety efforts such as search and rescue operations, the IF800 Tomcat excels at delivering high-quality aerial data swiftly and reliably. 

Technical Specifications

With a remarkable maximum flight time of 54 minutes, the IF800 offers extended operational durations for prolonged missions or comprehensive aerial surveys.
Featuring a maximum payload capacity of 3 kg, the IF800 Tomcat can accommodate a variety of equipment, sensors, or payloads, enhancing its utility for diverse applications ranging from LiDAR, aerial photography to payload delivery. Its maximum speed of 78 KPH, ensures rapid deployment and swift maneuvering, crucial for time-sensitive tasks or emergency response scenarios. Its resilience against adverse weather conditions is evident with a maximum wind resistance of 23 knots, ensuring stability and reliability even in challenging environments. 


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