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April 7th, 2022 Calgary, AB: Today, Measur, a Canadian company specialized in the resale of commercial unmanned aerial solutions, have signed a Canadian distribution agreement with CLEO ROBOTICS. CLEO is an industry leading drone manufacturer based in Boston, USA. Specifically designed for GPS-denied environments, the Dronut® allow operators to perform operations in confined spaces and where other robots cannot. Carefully engineered for efficiency and safety integrated onboard system, the Dronut® can collect LiDAR data in tight spaces, around sensitive equipment and fly comfortably near people. CLEO customers will benefit from Measur’s industry leading support in surveying, mapping, engineering, construction, mining, GIS, law enforcement, forestry, and infrastructure markets throughout Canada.

"We're very excited to expand into the Canadian market and to work with one of Canada's leading unmanned aerial systems resellers. Cleo was founded in Canada, so this expansion is very personal to us. We see tremendous opportunities here, and we're looking forward to bringing the Dronut's game changing capabilities to Canada's public safety and commercial sectors". Omar Eleryan - Founder & CEO at Cleo Robotics Inc.

“We look forward to working with CLEO Robotics and providing our customers with drone solutions for confined and complex environments” Says Lukas Wilgosh, VP - Drones at Measur. “Measur's experience and expertise selling, servicing, and renting drone products provide the necessary tools to expand CLEO's North American presence", Says Lukas Wilgosh, VP - Drones at Measur. 


About Measur: Measur is a Canadian company with offices in Burnaby, Calgary, Mississauga, and Montreal specialized in the resale of commercial unmanned aerial solutions. Founded in 2001, Measur has become the most trusted source for UAV solutions in mining & aggregates, agriculture & forestry, infrastructure & utilities, construction, surveying & mapping, oil & gas, among other industries.

About CLEO Robotics: CLEO is an American company specialized in unconventional robotic systems equipped with cutting-edge sensing to collect critical data in dangerous and difficult to reach areas. CLEO offers the world’s first bi-rotor ducted drone designed to operate in GPS denied environments. Thanks to its high maneuverability, sophisticated sensors, and advanced algorithms, the Dronut® can live stream high-definition video and collect LiDAR data in challenging environments.

Learn more at https://cleorobotics.com


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