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Solve your drone flight management gaps in the all-in-one cloud-based platform: DJI FlightHub 2

Gaps found during drone flight management are a thing of the past with FlightHub 2 by DJI. The platform enables seamless synchronization and coordination between pilots, backend teams, drones, payloads and all the captured data. It can also be used from any operating system such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.

Not to be confused with FlightHub, FlightHub 2 provides different capabilities designed for an enhanced drone management experience, so what is the difference between FlightHub 2 and FlightHub?

The main difference between FlightHub and FlightHub 2 is that the latest is designed to manage, execute and monitor drone operation tasks, while offering real-time situational awareness and synchronization through the cloud platform. Whereas, FlightHub is focused on managing drone data and statistics.

Manage Your Operations, Flight Missions and Plan Your Drone Route

For smooth drone mission execution and higher efficiency, it is essential to synchronize various aspects of flight missions with pilots. Using FlightHub 2, you can develop your missions directly from your computer. Moreover, you can preview expected results for each mission point, ensuring flight route safety and data quality. You can also manage your operation results within the cloud, open any captured photo, video or panorama, all while being displayed in the 2.5D along with the corresponding coordinate information.

During a search and rescue mission, it may be crucial to pinpoint coordinates of a missing person and send live updates between the team on the ground and command centre. This can be accomplished using the FlightHub 2 thanks to its laser rangefinder, which allows to draw annotations on the map, such as points, and lines, enabling team coordination and rescue routes generation. Moreover, during an emergency response situation, the platform cloud mapping features allow you to highlight the area of interest, then the M30 drone will automatically map it in 2D, and FlightHub 2 will turn these images into a map and overlay it on your base map so you can build a mission plan around it.

Aside from improving synchronization of your flight mission among your team, scheduling will further increase efficiency by organizing and planning all your precise flights ahead of time, also supported by the DJI platform.

Securing the integrity of your photos, videos, flight logs, and other user data is crucial for the drone and data management process; from device connection and maintenance, to data upload and transmission, to cloud service storage and operational security, Flight Hub 2 maintains integrity across all these levels, allowing you to confidently use the full power of a cloud-based fleet management system. DJI FlightHub 2 uploads, stores and manages data on cloud servers operated by Amazon Web Services, which are compliant to ISO/IEC 27001 security certifications.

Further, you can schedule your missions remotely with the DJI Dock for automated drone operations. FlightHub 2 also supports the Matrice 30 series, and Matrice 300RTK. While the platform allows you to record live streaming, it does not allow for audio support.

DJI is offering a free trial period until October 31, 2022 so you should take advantage of this. 

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