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Transforming Construction Site Layouts with CivDot+: Precision, Efficiency, and Innovation

CivDot+  is an advanced robotic layout tool designed to streamline the process of marking and staking out points on construction sites. Equipped with high-precision GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers, dual-RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) technology, an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), and a robotic arm, CivDot+ delivers exceptional accuracy and efficiency.

Mission Planning

CivDot+ streamlines mission planning by allowing users to upload a CSV file containing a list of coordinates. This feature eliminates the need for manual entry of coordinates, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. Additionally, users can select the first point and direction for route optimization, ensuring efficient marking missions.

Field Operation

During field operations, CivDot+ laser points at the exact position of each coordinate in the uploaded list. The operator simply needs to follow behind to mark the point with their choice of physical marker, such as flags, nails and whiskers, paint, or stakes. The inbuilt speaker provides the operator with a point description, making the marking process seamless and intuitive.

Real-time Reporting

CivDot+ enables real-time reporting by generating detailed reports of marked coordinates with respective timestamps, tolerance levels, and ground elevations. This feature allows users to make informed decisions without waiting for separate data submissions or calculations. By providing immediate feedback on the accuracy and progress of the marking process, CivDot+ enhances efficiency and quality control on construction sites.

Comparison of CivDot+ to Traditional Methods

Traditional methods involve manual surveying and staking, typically performed by a team of skilled surveyors using theodolites, total stations, and GPS devices. These methods, while effective, are labour-intensive and time-consuming. Accuracy can vary based on the operator's skill, and the process often involves repetitive and hazardous tasks.
Comparison of CivDot+ to Traditional Methods
FeatureTraditional MethodsCivDot+
LabourRequires multiple skilled workersSingle operator
EfficiencySlower, more time-consumingMarks up to 1,200 points per day
AccuracyVariable, dependent on operator skillConsistently high precision (3/100' or 8 mm)
SafetyHigher risk in hazardous conditionsOperates remotely up to 100 feet away
Terrain HandlingLimited by equipment and human capability4WD rover with 10" clearance, suitable for challenging terrains
Setup and CalibrationFrequent, time-consumingMinimal, automated
Data ManagementManual, prone to errorsAutomated with CivPlan software
CostHigher labour and time costsHigh initial investment but significant long-term savings

Real-World Applications

Large-Scale Construction Projects

CivDot+  is particularly beneficial for large-scale construction projects where precision and speed are critical. For example, in the construction of industrial facilities, warehouses, and commercial buildings, accurate layout is essential to ensure the structural integrity and proper alignment of all components.

Infrastructure Development

In infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and utilities, CivDot+ helps streamline the staking process, ensuring that all elements are placed accurately according to the design specifications. This reduces the risk of costly rework and project delays.

Residential Construction

Even in residential construction, CivDot+ offers value by ensuring that homes are built to exact specifications. This is crucial for maintaining quality and meeting regulatory requirements.


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