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Trinity Pro VTOL UAV: Now Approved for Over-People Operations!

The drone industry in Canada is constantly evolving, with technological advancements opening up new possibilities for aerial operations. Recently, Quantum System's Trinity Pro Fixed-Wing  VTOL UAV was approved for over people operations under Transport Canada's guidelines. This approval marks a significant milestone, allowing for safer and more versatile drone missions in various scenarios.

Advanced Operations Categories:

With the recent approval for over people operations, the Trinity Pro unlocks a host of advanced capabilities, expanding the scope of its potential applications. These advanced operations fall into three main categories:

1. Controlled Airspace:

One of the key capabilities enabled by the Trinity Pro is the ability to operate in controlled airspace. This includes flying the drone within airspace regulated by air traffic control, spanning Class A to Class F airspace. With precise navigation and communication systems, the Trinity Pro ensures compliance with airspace regulations while providing operators with access to previously restricted areas.

2. Near People Operations:

The Trinity Pro also excels in near people operations, allowing drones to operate safely in proximity to individuals. This category encompasses flying the drone within 30 meters (100 feet) and 5 meters (16.4 feet) of any person not associated with the drone's operation. Whether capturing aerial footage in crowded urban environments or conducting inspections in populated areas, the Trinity Pro's advanced sensors and obstacle avoidance technology mitigate risks and ensure the safety of bystanders.

3. Over People Operations:

Perhaps the most groundbreaking aspect of the Trinity Pro's approval is its ability to conduct over people operations. This category involves flying the drone within 5 meters (16.4 feet) or directly over individuals not involved in the drone's operation. This capability opens up a world of possibilities for applications such as public safety, event coverage, and infrastructure inspection. With stringent safety measures and redundant systems, the Trinity Pro sets a new standard for safe and responsible drone operations over populated areas.

Trinity PRO: Mapping Drone Redefined

The Trinity Pro is more than just a drone; it's a reliable and integrated solution designed to meet the demands of industry professionals. Featuring over 90 minutes of flight time, durable and weather resistant IP55 rating, and fully autonomous mission capabilities, the Trinity Pro is the go-to-choice for high-accuracy mapping missions.

Payload Options:

What sets the Trinity Pro apart is its extensive range of payload options, tailored to meet diverse mapping and surveying requirements. From high-resolution cameras to LiDAR scanners to multispectral cameras, Trinity Pro's payload options empower users to gather precise data with ease and efficiency. Whether capturing orthophotos, generating point clouds, or conducting vegetation analysis, Trinity Pro's payloads deliver exceptional results across various applications.
High-accuracy LIDAR scanner
128 MP camera for unmanned resolution
61 MP camera for high-accuracy photogrammetry
Full-frame CMOS sensor with a 42.4 MP resolution
20 MP RGB payload 

Survey-grade LiDAR payload

Why VTOL Matters:

By combining the convenience of vertical take-off and landing with the efficiency of fixed-wing flight, Trinity Pro eliminates the need for runways and streamlines operations in any terrain. Its smooth and controlled landings, facilitated by shock-absorbing landing gear, ensure minimal impact on the drone and payloads, extending their service life.

Take-off and Land Anywhere: Trinity Pro can take off and land in tight or rugged terrain, expanding the reach of survey missions.
Payload Protection: With VTOL, there are no belly landings, ensuring the safety of onboard payloads and data integrity.
Operator Safety and Ease: VTOL operations are easy and safe for operators, thanks to Trinity Pro's intuitive controls and automated features.
Adaptability: Trinity Pro's VTOL capabilities enable it to adapt to dynamic environments, including moving vehicles or vessels, enhancing its versatility.


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