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Why The DJI Dock Is The Revolutionary Drone Technology You Were Waiting For.

The future of automated drone operations is here. The launch of the DJI Dock has marked a revolutionary change in the drone industry from seeing drones as human cameras to tools with greater autonomy in remote locations and without supervision. The new DJI Dock will change operations for a fully automated workflow.

Whether you are executing surveying applications, or inspecting infrastructures, the DJI Dock is designed to integrate into your existing workflows seamlessly while performing unsupervised and automatic missions, thus reducing your operational costs and enhancing your operations.

Each DJI Dock houses a Matrice 30 Drone where it lands, recharges, takes off, and executes missions programmed in DJI FlightHub 2. 

Durability Made for Challenging Weather

The DJI Dock is IP55-rated and can operate in environments with temperatures ranging from -35 to 50 degrees Celsius. Not only can the dock perfectly work under difficult weather conditions, but the M30 drone has waterproof capabilities likewise.

Thanks to the dock's integrated weather station, even during severe weather conditions, your M30 drone will fly back safely. The DJI Dock was designed to be exposed to harsh environments so your team doesn't have to, keeping automated missions 24/7, 365 days a year.

Range: 7KM & Flight Time: 40 minutes

The DJI Dock's benefits and features speak for themselves, with a 7km range and 40 minutes flight time, your operations will have little to no downtime. For large scale engineering and construction projects, you may require greater coverage, which can also be accomplished by integrating and stationing two docks at intervals to provide coordinated data. 

DJI FlightHub2 Integration 

FlightHub2 is DJI's latest application to carry out controlled remote missions. The application allows for easy set up of flight plans and mission schedules, handle data storage and team collaboration on data processing. Moreover, DJI has released the Dock with Cloud API access, opening the platform up for third-party developers and allowing full operative control. This will enable Enterprise users to tailor their system to their own solutions.


Smart Battery

The faster your drone is charged, the higher your operation turnarounds will be. The Dock features a TEC air conditioning allowing your drone batteries to cool in no time thus enabling charging from 10 to 90% in a matter of minutes.

An additional outstanding feature is DJI Dock's integrated battery with the ability to run for 5 hours, so your drone can flight back to base safely even during power shortages.

Innovative Design yet Simple Maintenance 

Built for easy-set ups, the DJI Dock and FlightHub 2 integration allows for easy alerts in case the DJI Dock's status is experiencing abnormalities. Moreover, its modular design features core components for intuitive maintenance and repairs for disruptive events, which are significantly unlikely to occur.

DJI recommends bi-annual checks to ensure the dock is clear of dust, clean your M30’s sensors, and swap in new batteries.

The DJI Dock's installation only requires a power and internet source, four bolts, one for each bottom corner and a few minutes for its DJI RC plus configuration.

Footprint <1m. Weigh: 90 kg 

Please note the DJI Dock must be used in accordance with local applicable laws and regulations, its advanced capabilities cannot yet be used in jurisdictions where a human pilot must stay within the drone’s line of sight or maintain control of the drone through the use of a controller.

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