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YellowScan Launches The Explorer: A New Long-Range LiDAR Payload

Today, YellowScan, a leader in fully-integrated UAV LiDAR solutions, announced the launch of the YellowScan Explorer. The Explorer can be mounted on light manned aircraft or different UAVs including the DJI M300 RTK. It is a compact, fully-integrated, and long-range platform capable of high-accuracy surveying and mapping. The flexibility to mount it on manned and unmanned aircraft makes it ideal for many industries.

The Explorer's high-power scanner can work up to 600m and only weighs 2.3 kg (without a battery) . Combined with YellowScan's industry-leading suite of software solutions, users can easily extract and process point cloud data with the click of a button. The Explorer comes with an Applanix APX-20UAV GNSS-Intertial solution giving it a precision of 2.6 cm and accuracy of 2.2 cm. The typical flight operation speed is 5-35 m/s and has a usable AGL of 300 meters.

“The Explorer is an extremely enticing product to add to our LiDAR portfolio”. Says Lukas Wilgosh, Vice President - Drones at Measur. “The LiDAR market in Canada has been waiting for a versatile and long-range LiDAR system. This system is the perfect bridge between manned and unmanned LiDAR mapping and is suitable for customers in both industries. We are extremely excited to get the Explorer up in the air!"


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