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Regulatory Technology Solution Provider for Unmanned Aviation

Manage Drone Flights. Ensure Compliance. Enterprise-Grade Data.

Commercial Unmanned Aviation Solutions

Our suite of products ensures large-scale enterprises can confidently and easily manage regulatory compliance.

Top-grade Data, Updated Regularly

Enterprise Drone Fleet Management Platform.

Plan And Record Compliant RPAS Missions and Flights

What Type Of Commercial User Are You?

Two types to choose from depending on your organizations requirements.

Teams with <2 pilots.

Perform site assessments, flight logging and

generate compliance reports.

Organizations of scale.

Standardize flight operations with advanced planning

and reporting capabilities.

How Will You Conduct Commercial Operations?


Define your Team and Processes


Plan Flight Operations

3. FLY

Conduct Flight Operations.


Report on Flight Operations

1. Manage Inventory

Identify, track, and manage all your equipment in “One Place.” Inventory your Drones, Payloads, Batteries, and Accessories.

Manage Inventory

Identify, track, and manage all your equipment in “One Place.” Inventory your Drones, Payloads, Batteries, and Accessories.

Manage People

Define your team’s areas of responsibility with granular Roles and Permissions. Ensure your team can do what it needs to do at the right time.

Manage Documentation

Harmonize flight operations for your entire organization by using standardized documentation across all your teams. Ensure consistent flight ops are conducted using customized documentation: Risk Assessments, Checklist, and required Documentation.

Manage Locations

Identify and define the locations where recurring flight operations will be conducted


Plan Flight Operations

Plan Missions

Plan your flight operations by defining the Team, Equipment and Flight Parameters. Identify your Pilot, Observer(s), and other crew members. Identify the drones, batteries, payloads to be used.

Add Your SFOC

Attached your Special Flight Operations Certificate information to the flight to ensure you can demonstrate your compliance.

Complete Site Assessment

Define your flight area and site hazards. Develop advanced Situational Awareness for Airspace & Aerodromes. Create an Emergency Script based on your location. Archive your Site Assessment(s) for compliance assurance purposes.”

Add Your Documentation

Finalize the documentation defined by your organization. Complete the Pre-Flight Checklist, Risk Assessment, and other documentation.

Capture Approvals

Final Site Assessment and Missions plans are securely archived with signatures and dates by designated users.

3. FLY

Conduct Flight Operations

Pre-Flight Assessment

Update Flight and Site Assessment parameters. Confirm Your Situational Awareness.

Update Flight Telemetry

Manual upload from over 30 different types of Drone OEM’s OR automatically sync for DJI GO, the actual flight telemetry data files for assessment.

Auto-Create Flight Logs

Create automated personnel and equipment logs by uploading your Flight Telemetry data. Streamline your logging process, and enable equipment and personnel monitoring for your team(s).


Document Flight Operations

Manage Maintenance Tasks

Manage maintenance schedule and activities across your Equipment & Teams to ensure your compliance.

Manage Your Incidents

Manage incident reporting a across your Teams to ensure your compliance.

Manage Your Compliance Reporting

Create and share the reports required by Transport Canada to demonstrate your compliance.

Analyze Your Drone Flight Operations

Use our data views filtering capabilities to analyze your data to effectively manage your business. Export flight operations data as require for your external analysis.

FLYSAFE Commercial Mobile

Manage Your Flight Operations From The Field

Flight Operations On Mobile

The mobile app extends the power of the FLYSAFE platform to mobile. Conduct flight operations with the data required to maintain compliance at your finger tips.

Pre-Flight Sight Assessments

Prepare an automated airspace assessment for the proposed flight area. Develop the required situational awareness and information required to maintain your compliance.

Realtime Offline Operations

Conduct ad-hoc flight planning as required and maintain corporate & regulatory compliance. Document, Fly, Capture flight data when offline, and Sync when connected.


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