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One Aircraft. Three Payloads.

Every Autel EVO II Package is compatible with all three payloads, meaning you can upgrade your payload at any time after purchase.


Capture striking detail never seen before in an aircraft of this size with the first 8K drone camera on the planet. EVO II features unmatched 8K video resolution up to 25fps and dynamic 48 MP stills.


The 1-inch sensor EVO II Pro camera captures 6K video up to 30fps. With an adjustable aperture from f/2.8 to f/11 and a max ISO of 12,800, pilots now have exceptional performance and flexibility in any shooting environment.


Featuring high-resolution 8K and thermal imaging up to 640*512 made possible with the FLIR Bosson sensor, EVO II Dual thrives in relaying the most critical information back to the pilot. 

Battery Life

The EVO II comes standard with a 7100mAh rechargeable battery, providing up to 40 minutes of flight time in forward motion and 35 minutes in hover. The EVO II uses a patented battlock system to guard against battery ejection in high-speed maneuvers or hard landings.

Extended Range

Control the EVO II up to 9 kilometers away. This long range means an enhanced stronger signal to keep you connected in crowded urban environments and dense vegetation.

Data Privacy

The EVO II is the most secure drone on the market; no images, flight logs, or personal information is stored outside of your device. Have peace of mind knowing that your personal or organization's info is not being shared or streamed to another country.

No Flight Restrictions

Have the freedom needed to make informed decisions by being able to fly anywhere, at any time. You are never locked out of flying due to your location or missed firmware update.

Obstacle Avoidance

12 computer vision sensors controlled by a dual-core processor and AI machine learning creates omni-directional protection. Begin detecting potential hazards at up to 30 meters away and let EVO II accurately control the speed of the drone to avoid a collision.

Leave avoidance off and use the radar feature to give the pilot more information on the environment while still being in full control

12 Vision Sensors

Using the same 12 computer vision sensors keeping you safe, EVO II can navigate itself in all directions while avoiding obstacles. This gives you the flexibility to control the drone how you want, while still allowing you to record HD video at the tap of a button.

Let the EVO II do what it does best and take stunning imagery without worrying about controlling the drone.

Commercial Applications

First Responders

EVO II Dual transmits the most crucial information back to the pilot and allows for Live Deck backward compatibility so your team can make informed decisions in the most stressful of circumstances. From case to air in under 30 seconds with no flight restrictions, no forced updates, and no repeat calibrations, first responders can make every second count.


Several features of EVO II Dual makes it an excellent tool for investigators who build their cases based on accuracy. With the ability to produce 8K 24fps RGB video and up to 640x512 30Hz thermal recording, investigators can view and capture a 360-degree view of the site on EVO II Dual's remote controller.


In the industry of engineers, contractors, and project managers, it's essential that your drone works as hard as you do and can capture even the smallest details in real-time. Features such as EVO II Dual's Picture in Picture Mode can record up to 1080p at 30fps and overlays thermal imaging to standard RGB footage, allowing the pilot to view both simultaneously.

Live Deck - Extend Possibilities 

Live Deck is a wireless video transmission device that enables you to stream the live feed from any Autel EVO II through HDMI, Ethernet, or USB without being connected to the remote controller. Live Deck allows personnel at a control center to view the live feed from the drone for situational and tactical awareness. Display up to three devices at 60fps at a single time for maximum operational control up to 7km away.