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Turn The Drone You Have Into The Drone You Want

Trade in your existing SenseFly, Wingtra, or similar drone today and get up to $6,500 CAD. 

Offer valid until June 30, 2022.



Upgrade to Trinity F90+

Optimize your workflow with longer flight times, more payloads, and higher reliability


Save Money

Get up to $6,500 CAD for your current drone


Non-working Unit? No problem

Your trade-in drone doesn't have to work, all we ask is for a complete system

Accepted Trade-In Platforms

Why Choose Trinity F90+?

Over 90 Minutes of Flight Time

Vertical Take-Off and Land

LiDAR Compatible

Over 8 Different Payloads

Must Be Purchased With One or More of The Sensors Below:

Sony RX1R II 

42.4 MP

 Qube 240 LiDAR

MicaSense Altum

The MicaSense 

Dual Camera System

Micasense Altum-PT

Micasense RedEdge-P

 The Trinity F90+ Case includes:

  • Trinity F90+ UAV
  • PPK
  • Anti-Collision-Lights
  • Live-Air-Traffic
  • iBase
  • QBase 3D – Mission planning software
  • Remote Controller (RC)
  • Battery Pack + Battery Charger
  • Lightweight Transport Case
  • Warranty (1 year)
  • Technical Support

Technical Data

Max. Take-off Weight


Max. Flight Time 

Max. Flight Altitude

Optimal Cruise Speed 

Wind Tolerance (ground) 

Wind Tolerance (cruise) 
Operating Temperature Range
Command and Control Range

5.0 kg (11.0 lbs)

2.394 m (7.85 ft)

60 min (locked)/ 90+ min* (unlocked)

4500 m (14763.8 ft)

 17 m/s (33 kn)

up to 9 m/s (17.5 kn) <1500m MSL

up to 5 m/s / (9.7 kn) >3000m MSL

up to 12 m / s (23.3 kn)

-12 °C to 50 °C (10.4 °F to 122 °F)

5 – 7.5 km** (3.1 – 4.7 mi)

Terms & Conditions

Trinity F90+ must be purchased with one of the compulsory sensors. Brand, model, and serial number of the trade in drone must be supplied at time of order. Trade-in drone to be surrendered. The drone can be a working unit or non working unit, but must be a complete unit. Offer ends on June 30th, 2022. 

Measur reserves the right to change or stop the promotion at any time. 


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