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Drone Based Remote Water Sampling

    Drone Based Remote Water Sampling


    The drone based water sampling system allows water sampling at long distances from the shore without a boat.

    Although various sensors have been developed to analyze water contamination and turbidity, water sampling for laboratory analysis will continue to be widely used in the near future.

    Traditional methods require direct access to the water body, with samples taken from the shore, pier, bridge, or boat. However, such methods are limited to areas that are reachable by boat or ship. To address this issue, a remote sampling system based on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has been developed, which allows water sampling from long distances away from the shore.

    This innovative system offers a solution to the limitations of traditional sampling methods and can greatly expand the range of areas that can be studied for water quality analysis.

    How it works

    The system consists of:

    Ruttner water sampler with volume 1l for DJI M300RTK or up to 5l for heavy lift drones.

    Onboard computer UgCS SkyHub enables to control water sampling process in a fully automatic mode. Water sampling missions are planned and flown in automatic mode with UgCS.

    Radar altimeter for real-time altitude measurement during the flight to the sampling location where it is necessary to take a sample, and also to control the descent to the required altitude to take a sample from a set depth.

    The only specific component developed for water sampling system is the messenger release device.