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Autonomous Flying Laser Scanner

The Leica BLK2FLY is an fully autonomous aerial laser scanner with industry-leading obstacle avoidance for survey-grade accurate reality captures. Easily capture structures, 3D environments, building exteriors, and more with a single button. The 3D point cloud gets built in real-time to ensure the entire project scope is complete.



Minutes of Battery Endurance

Max Speed of 


Meters Per Second

Relative Accuracy of



Scan Rate of 


Points Per Second

Accurate Positioning and Navigation

The full dome LiDAR sensor captures data in all directions creating an immersive point cloud in complex environments. Data collected with the BLK2FLY is highly-precise and georeferenced for applications that need real-world locations. 

  • Allows you to scan hard-to-reach areas like building facades and rooftops
  • Autonomously captures complete scans of building exteriors to create 3D digital twins
  • GrandSLAM sensor fusion of LiDAR, radar, cameras, and GNSS for complete scan coverage, optimized flight paths, and shortest return to home
  • Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance for flight safety and safe scanning
  • Georeferenced point cloud for high-accuracy mapping
  • Hot swap battery system
  • Lightweight, portable, easy to use

The BLK2FLY is ideal for several use cases including construction, BIM, architecture, UAV mapping, and more. The autonomous flight capabilities of the BLK2FLY allow operators of any skill level to collect high-accuracy LiDAR data, opening up several industries and applications previously inaccessible by complex equipment. The BLK2FLY Is highly portable with hot-swappable batteries allowing for all-day missions. 

The BLK2FLY scans building exteriors and structures to create 3D point clouds in real-time, while flying fully autonomous

The BLK2FLY is an easy-to-use drone laser scanner that can be operated by any Transport Canada certified pilot with or without experience.

Simple and Intuitive App-Based Flying

Area Map

The BLK2FLY will automatically create a flight path after you select an area on the tablet

Tap & Scan

Tap anywhere on the screen in 3D view to make the BLK2FLY scan a new area.

Virtual Joysticks

Take manual control of the aircraft with virtual joysticks at any point in the mission.

Tech Specs


Dimensions (unfolded)53 x 60 x 19 cm
Dimensions (folded)53 x 32 x 14 cm
Weight (incl. battery)2.6 kg


Remote Control: BLK2FLY Live App for iPad supporting LTE connectivity (iOS 13 or later). Including: flight planning, live 2D and 3D visualization, device status, and data management
Communication: LTE Bluetooth LE
WLAN Frequencies2.4Ghz access point (flight operation) 5 GHz client (data offload operation)
Max. / typical transmission distance: WLAN: ~100m, line of sight
Internal Storage: 256 GB
Battery: Li-ion 14.8 V, 6.75 Ah, 99.9 W 

LiDAR & Imaging

Laser class: (in accordance with IEC 60825-1)
Wavelength: 830 nm
Field of view: 360° (vertical)/270° (horizontal)
Scan RangeMin. 0.5 m – up to 25 m
Point measurement rate: 420,000 pts/sec
Vision system: 5-camera system, 1.6 MP, 300° x 180° total, global shutter

SLAM Performance

Relative accuracy: <20 mm*
Absolute accuracy (w/o GNSS): 40 mm**
Area coverage: Vertical: 1,550 m2 in 12min (0.5 pts/cm2), 4,700 m2 in 12min (0.17 pts/cm2)
Area coverage: Horizontal: 1,350 m2 in 12min (0.5 pts/cm2), 4,100 m2 in 12min (0.17 pts/cm2)


OperationtemperatureBLK2FLY: +5° to +35°, Smart Battery: +10° to +35°***
StoragetemperatureBLK2FLY: -10° to +60° C
Smart Battery: -10° to +45° C


Data transferWireless (WLAN & LTE) and USB 3.1 (USB C)
DesktopSoftware CompatibilityLeica Cyclone REGISTER 360, Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 (BLK EDITION)
Cloud solutionHxDR: Hexagon Digital Reality (direct upload WLAN & LTE)

Flight Performance

Max speed (no obstacle avoidance): 5 m/s
Max speed (obstacle avoidance active)3 m/s
Max wind resistance12 m/s
Max flight altitude above sea level: 1,800 m
Flight time: 13 min*
*400 m above sea level


Collision avoidance:
Cables <5mm diameter
Radar does not reliably detect very thin objects like cardboard or small tree branches. It might miss glossy, transparent or dark surfaces.


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