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Oblique D2M (Trinity F90+ Payload)

    Oblique D2M (Trinity F90+ Payload)

    For the Trinity F90+. Each camera includes a payload bay and integration kit.

    Oblique D2M payload, five-lens RGB Camera for Quantum Systems Trinity F90+.

    The Oblique D2M is a powerful oblique imaging system consisting of five high-resolution multidirectional cameras, making it the perfect solution for large scale 3D photogrammetry. A fast trigger interval along with custom high-speed storage provides class-leading time efficiency without compromising data quality.

    The payload combines four oblique and one NADIR camera to capture complex structures with ease. This ensures impeccable detail even on slanted surfaces and makes Oblique D2M ideal for 3D mesh generation of high-rise areas, industrial environments, archaeological sites, urban mapping and much more.

    Oblique D2M Payload for Trinity F90+

    • GSD:  1.50 cm @100m AGL
    • Cameras:  1 x NADIR, 4 x oblique
    • Sensor resolution:  26 MP (6252 x 4168 px)
    • Total resolution:  130 MP
    • Trigger interval:  ≥ 0.8 seconds
    • Sensor type:  CMOS
    • Sensor format:  APS-C
    • Sensor size:  23.5 x 15.6 mm
    • Focal length:  25 mm NADIR, 35 mm (oblique)
    • Payload weight:  833,7 g
    • RTF Flight time:  60 minutes
    • Storage:  High speed data storage device (640 GB)