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Pioneer P-360

    Pioneer P-360

    The Pioneer P-360 is a best-in-class universal survey grade LiDAR mapping system. With a measurement precision of <1cm, the P-360 will capture survey grade data for the most demanding application requirements. The complete system, with integrated dual oblique 24MPix cameras, weighs only 4.65kg; making it suitable for most mid-class commercial unmanned aircraft and robust enough for manned heli applications.

    The Pioneer P-360 supports of wide range of operating parameters in pulse repetition rate, range, and lines per second to allow it to be optimized for the application and data requirements.

    Narrow beam divergence of <0.3 mrad 1/e2 for superior ground detection and canopy penetration
    Shot-to-shot precision of <1cm for survey applications
    Scan speed of 250 lines per second for even x-y point distribution at higher vehicle speeds

    Best In-Class Universal Survey Grade LiDAR Mapping System


    RMSE @ 359M Range

    @ 30% Reflectivity

    Rec. Max AGL 

    Points Per Second 







    Custom LiDAR Solutions

    Surveyors and LiDAR professionals can expect an increase of 300% in ground point density as compared to most other models at a comparable price point that spins the laser 360º, resulting in wasted data. Its 300m laser range also makes the Pioneer P10 ideal for achieving the best range and power for challenging scans such as high vegetation penetration above 100m with up to three returns.

    Build the system you need to meet the growing demands of your clients in varying industries, from mining to agriculture and construction to forestry.


    • High-power 1550nm single laser provides an unprecedented combination of range, resolution, intensity and accuracy
    • Incredible ground point density due to focusing al laser pulses on the ground
    • Compact, light-weight and rugged
    • Free basic online training included; PLUS complete Acquisition/Post-Processing/Pilot/Certification training also available (fees may apply)
    • Free Phoenix Software Suite w/unlimited license; plus NovAtel & Terrasolid options also available (fee may apply)
    • Optional Upgrades: aerial systems, dual antenna GPS, IMU upgrade options, integrated UHF radio modem, optional ground vehicle & UAV mounts/accessories, service plans and much more
    • Live/Remote Data Feed: View and analyze data in real time or transmit live data to remote viewers via 4G connection

    LiDAR Sensor Specs

    Laser Properties

    Scan Rate


    500K Points

    Range Min/Max




    Absolute Accuracy: RMSE @ 50M Range

    Field Of View





     Primary Applications


    Navigation System


    Platform Specs


    • Agriculture and Forestry Mapping
    • Railway Track Mapping
    • Oil and Gas Surveying
    • Utilities Mapping
    • Open Pit Mining & Construction
    • Integrated NavBox
    • Constellation Support: GPS, GLONASS
    • Support alignment: Static, Kinematic, Dual-Antenna
    • Operation Modes: Real-time, Post-processing optional
    • Accuracy Position: 1 cm + 1 ppm RMS horizontal
    • PP Attitude Heading RMS Error: 0.019 / 0.074°
    • Overall Dimensions, Sensor: 362 x 160 x 120 mm
    • Operating Voltage: 11-36 V
    • Power Consumption: ~60 W
    • Weight: 4.65 kg / 10.25 lbs.
    • Operating Temperature: – 10˚ – 40˚ C