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Autonomous Unstoppable Ground Drone

The VISION 60 Q-UGV by Ghost Robotics is a high-endurance, all-weather robot for the military, homeland, industrial, energy, mining sectors, public safety and others applications. Unstoppable and adaptable to new challenging environments, the Vision 60 gets right back up and continue moving after a slip, fall, or even when vision sensors fail.

Up to


Hours Max RunTime

Max Speed of 


Meters Per Second

Maximum Payload of



Maximum Distance of



Single-Operator Missions

With Vision 60, adding a robust barrier of safety to your operations is now possible by avoiding putting humans in dangerous scenarios.

Single-operator missions: thanks to its compatibility with 5G, the 4-led ground drone can be operated from hundreds of miles away, with live video and thermal imagery available to anyone in the world. 

In addition to 5G compatibility, Vision 60 uses mobile edge computing to communicate with other robots. Edge computing uses augmented reality and machine learning to analyse data regardless of where it was gathered.

The Intelligent Solution for

Security Operations

Powered by AWS Snowcone, an edge computing, edge storage, and data transfer device with 8 TB of usable storage purpose-built for use outside of a traditional data center.

By using AWS IoT Greengrass, Ghost Robotics has the ability to securely deploy updates and new applications to its robotics software from any location.


IP Rating | Operating Temp

IP67 | -40º to 55º C (-40º to 131º F) No cold start or charge below 0º C

Endurance, continuous walking at 0.9 m/s

3.15 hours of continuous walking at 0.9 m/s; 10km (terrain and payload dependent)

Endurance, hours of standby time

21 hours of standby time (sensors, compute, radio on) 

Speed, standard walk

0.9m/s (2mph)

Speed, fast walk

Up to 1.2m/s (2.7 mph) 

Speed, sprint

 2.4m/s 4.9 mph (Increasing to 3.0m/s 6.7 mph in Q4 ‘22)

Flexible Communications Architecture

2.4, 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi & 4G/LTE; GigE switch supports any external radio, 5G,SDRs & SAT

MTBF Target

 2.4m/s 4.9 mph (Increasing to 3.0m/s 6.7 mph in Q4 ‘22)

Export Control | HC

US ECCN: EAR-99 | 8479.50.00.00 Industrial Robots (No ITAR restrictions)

Key Dimensions

Overall width: 570mm (22.5in)

Body width: 250mm (10in)

Overall height (standing): 685mm (27in)

Height to bottom of body / “Ride height”: 419mm (16.5in)

Overall length: 950mm (37.5in)


51kg (112 lbs)

Field Repair Entire Robot

Quick-swap sub-assemblies within minutes (legs, battery, front & rear sensor heads)

Autonomy Modes

Perception Aided Mobility: front and rear collision avoidance with static or moving obstacles. Perception aided stair climbing with steering assistance. Footstep planning over curbs and grated surfaces.

Record-Playback: pre-defined mission route automation using route record-playback from OCU or any command-control station.

Mission Control: human readable scriptable mission format with reusable task-based plug-ins.

Payload Capacity

10 kg (22 lbs) payload weight. User-selectable payload compensation mode. 

Actuation, Legs

3 Degrees of Freedom per leg, 12-Motor back-drivable drive-train, capable of inverted operation

Foot Treads

Vibram® all-terrain treads are available in different configurations including sand and ice.


NVIDIA® Xavier 32GB RAM w/ 16 channel GMSL2, 2TB NVMe SSD


3 x Ethernet, 1 x USB 3.1, 6 x GMSL2, power:12/24V regulated & unregulated 32-42V

Integrated Sensors 

5 x RGB, 4 x D435 depth sensors , dual antenna RTK GPS, 4 x microphones

Lighting & Speakers

Front & Rear LED drive lights, side diagnostic LED’s, front & rear speakers

Tele-Op Controller

Samsung® Active Tab 3 standalone or in combination w/ dual joystick Operator Control Unit. Direct robot control, GPS path planning and diagnostics.

Low-level | High-Level | Mission Control API

C/C++, ROS, ROS2, MAVLink Compatible, Zeno, ATAK, JSON Mission 


Bullet Physics-based, Windows, Linux, Mac

Wireless Charge Kit

Agilicharge™ wireless charging station for persistent 24x7 operation


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