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Updates on DJI TERRA V3.5.0. What's new?

The mapping and modelling software, DJI Terra, has released a new update, designed to enable the most accurate results in less time.  Taking into account customer feedback, the new update DJI has developed introduces:

  • The merge of multiple point clouds
  • Improvements for the LiDAR point cloud process quality report
  • Known coordinate system database
  • Seven-parameter transformation for 2D and 3D reconstructions
  • Enhancement of water bodies in 3D reconstruction
  • Advanced options for block splitting
  • Refined troubleshooting instructions
  • Bug fixes

The merge of multiple point clouds

Using the new "Merge Outputs" feature in DJI Terra, you are now able to combine all the data into one point cloud when multiple scans of an area or object are performed.

Outputs supported include: PLY, LAS, and PCD formats 

Improvements for the LiDAR point cloud process quality report

In the rare event your report of LiDAR point cloud missions is not up to standard, this new update enables you to discover the possible reasons for low accuracy or missing point clouds.

Known coordinate system database

When generating 2D and 3D reconstructions, you can now easily select vertical and horizontal coordinate systems by following the below path:

Reconstruction mission > advanced > Output coordinate system > Known Coordinate System. (Only applicable for the United States, Germany, Denmark and Japan).

In the Horizontal Datum Settings drop-down menu, select "horizontal coordinate system database" and "vertical coordinate system database". Type in the coordinate system name or authorization code, and select the desired coordinate system in the searching results. Then, click “OK”.

Seven-parameter transformation for 2D and 3D reconstructions

Whether you are mapping a large-scale or small area, the seven-parameter transformation process decreases the margin error between coordinate conversions, when the target coordinate system is unknown. This feature also serves to gain more accessibility to your 2D or 3D reconstructions models, to convert WGS84 locations used by GPS to local datum coordinates, and to transform LiDAR data into the local coordinate system through seven-parameter transformation.

You can use this feature by going to: Reconstruction Mission > Advanced > Output Coordinate System > Seven-Parameter Transformation. Moreover, you can either import files or type in coordinate information directly on the dialogue box, which we explain below:

To input coordinate data or import coordinate files, select "Calculate" and the click on "Apply".
When it comes to the import of files, the order in which coordinate data should be in the file is as follows:
  1. Name of coordinate
  2. Latitude
  3. Longitude
  4. Height of source coordinates
  5. X/E, Y/N, and z/U of target coordinates. 
Please note, files must be in TXT or CSV format and that source coordinates only support the geodetic coordinate system. 
DJI Terra
Then, import the result file in JSON format of the seven-parameter transformation and then select "Apply".
Finally, select "Start Reconstruction".

Enhancement of water bodies in 3D reconstruction

The quality of reconstructing an area with large bodies of water has also been improved in this DJI Terra update. To select the "Refine Water Surface" option, go to "Advanced settings", and the software will automatically identify and refine bodies of water for you.

Advanced options for block splitting

Advanced options for block splitting include precise block count, and assignment of different names to auto and custom blocks. 

Refined troubleshooting instructions

The ability to solve issues as soon as they are identified is important for every user, for this reason DJI Terra has developed troubleshooting instructions along with reconstruction error. Additionally, you will now be able to access the corresponding log file using the "Ctrl+Alt+L" shortcut inside Terra or by following the storage path below:
C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\DJI Terra\Log

Bug Fixes

DJI Terra has enabled several fixes to various issues. To view these, and the full release note for this update, click here.

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