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D-RTK 2 GNSS Mobile Station

    D-RTK 2 GNSS Mobile Station


    High Precision GNSS Mobile Station

    The DJI D-RTK 2 Mobile Station is an advanced high-precision GNSS receiver, designed to support all major global satellite navigation systems. It offers real-time differential corrections, enabling the generation of centimeter-level positioning data for enhanced relative accuracy. 

    DJI D-RTK 2

    Centimeter-Level Precision

    With its comprehensive support for GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and GALILEO signals, the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station ensures centimeter-level positioning accuracy. Setting up the station is both effortless and speedy. It delivers real-time differential data to drones, enabling them to achieve exceptional positioning precision. Additionally, the built-in high-gain antenna enhances signal reception from a greater number of satellites, even in the presence of obstructions.

    Maintain Connectivity for Any Mission

    It supports communication through 4G, OcuSync, WiFi, and LAN, ensuring uninterrupted and stable data transmission in any application scenario. When used with DJI Agras drones, the Phantom 4 RTK, or the P4 Multispectral, the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station can simultaneously connect up to 5 remote controllers*. In the case of the Matrice 300 RTK, it enables multiple aircraft connections, enabling coordinated operations with multiple drones and significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

    IP65 Ingress Protection.

    In The Box

    D-RTK 2 Body × 1

    Extension Rod × 1

    Charging Hub × 1

    AC Power Adapter × 1

    Intelligent Battery (WB37) × 2

    Battery Cover × 1

    AC Power Cable × 1

    USB-C Cable × 1

    USB-C OTG Cable × 1

    Hex Key × 1


    Simultaneously receives: GPS: L1 C/A, L2, L5; BEIDOU: B1, B2, B3; GLONASS: F1, F2; Galileo: E1, E5A, E5B

    Positioning Accuracy: Single Point

    Horizontal: 1.5 m(RMS)

    Vertical: 3.0 m(RMS)


    Horizontal: 1 cm+ 1 ppm(RMS)

    Vertical: 2 cm+ 1 ppm(RMS)

    1 ppm: For every 1 km increase in distance, the accuracy will be 1 mm less. For example, the horizontal accuracy is 1.1 cm when the receiving end is 1 km away from the base station.

    Operating Temperature: -20° to 55° C (4° to 131° F )