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Sentera 6X Multispectral
Sentera 6X Multispectral

    Sentera 6X Multispectral


    Get Fast-Frame Rate Performance and High Radiometric Accuracy for Advanced Imagery

    The Sentera 6X Multispectral Sensor revolutionizes the field of crop health analysis, offering insights for farmers and agronomists. With its science-grade multi-band and high-resolution visual band image products, the 6X sensor provides a seamless and user-friendly data processing workflow.

    The 6X sensor allow for in-depth analysis of seed performance, disease detection, weed pressure, nutritional assessment, and yield estimation. The sensor features five precision-filtered 3.2MP global-shutter imagers and one 20.1MP RGB imager, each equipped with an optical path. As a result, the 6X generates eight channels of image data, ensuring fast frame rate performance and unparalleled radiometric accuracy.

    What sets the 6X apart is its real-time onboard multi-layer image registration and advanced analytics capabilities. Users can fully customize the image pipeline to suit their specific needs, ensuring that they receive immediate, actionable data.

    Moreover, the 6X offers optional ambient colour correction, further enhancing the quality of the data products for manipulation and distribution. With the Sentera 6X Multispectral Sensor, farmers and researchers can make informed decisions, optimizing their crop management practices and ultimately improving agricultural productivity.


     Payload Weight




    RGB Imager

    512 GB

    Internal PCIe NVMe

    Compatible with Industry-Leading Drones

    The 6X Sensor is designed to be compatible with top-tier drones in the industry, such as the DJI dronesInspire Series, as well as the Freefly Astro.


    Faster Data Collection, More Precise Analytics

    Count on Sentera's powerful machine learning platform to translate imagery into detailed analytics.

    6X Multispectral Technical Specifications

    Size: 3.13” x 2.60” x 2.66” (65mm x 65 mm x 22mm)

    Weight: 290 grams

    Power: 15W

    Image Format: JPEG, TIFF, RAW | 5 fps Sustained Capture Rate

    Storage: 512 GB Internal PCle NVMe

    Interfaces: USB-C | Gigabit Ethernet Optional | Expansion Port

    5X 3.2 MP Monochrome Global Shutter

    • HFOV: 47˚
    • GSD @ 200 ft - 1.0” (2.6 cm)
    • GSD @ 400 ft - 2.0” (5.2 cm)

    Spectral Bands:

    • Blue: 475 nm x 30 nm
    • Green: 550 nm x 20 nm
    • Red: 670 nm x 30 nm
    • Red Edge: 715 nm x 10 nm
    • NIR: 840 nm x 20 nm

    1X 20MP RGB Electronic Rolling Shutter

    • HFOV: 47˚
    • GSD @ 200 ft - 0.4” (1.0 cm)
    • GSD @ 400 ft - 0.8” (2.0 cm)