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Next Generation Indoor Flight

Unlike traditional drones, the Dronut's ducted fan design allows it to fly comfortably near people, in tight spaces, and around sensitive equipment. Meticulously engineered for efficiency and safety, the Dronut will save you time, money, and even save lives.

Designed Specifically For GPS-denied Environments

The Dronut is the world’s first bi-rotor ducted drone designed to operate where other robots cannot. With high maneuverability, sophisticated sensors, and advanced algorithms, the Dronut can live stream high-definition video and collect LiDAR data in the ultra confined spaces and challenging environments.

World’s First Bi-rotor Ducted Drone


The Dronut has a ruggedized composite materials frame with no exposed propellers minimizing the chance of damage. Ready for any work environment, the Dronut has less downtime than traditional indoor inspection drones due to the reliable bi-rotor design.

Easy to Use

The Dronut has purpose-built autonomy developed from the ground up that allows operators to pick up and fly with little to no training. Easily focus on the task at hand and let the Dronut do the flying. 

The Dronut was designed with a ducted fan that allows operators to fly it comfortable near people, in confined spaces, and any GPS-denied environments.

LiDAR Capabilities

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon, the Dronut has advanced autonomous capabilities provided by an array of sensors including an LiDAR module. This LiDAR unit allows operators to export a full point-cloud of the interior of your inspection.

Sensing & Intelligence

With no exposed propellers, the Dronut is collision tolerant and can operate safely around sensitive equipment.


Dronut® X1



Max speed

Wind speed

Flight time

Charge time 

Perch & stare duration 

Wireless link

Range (environment  dependent)

Operating frequency

Remote controller 

Battery type 

15.5 oz

15.5 oz

4 m/s (software limited)

15 km/h

12 mins

40 mins

60 mins


300 feet

2.4 GHz

Android phone

Rechargeable and



Sensor payload

Stream resolution 

Steam frame rate

Field of view 


Hovering accuracy 

4k camera


Global shutter camera

HD (1280x960)

30 fps

100 deg

Auto position hold

Obstacle detection

< 0.1m


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