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SHARE AUV 303S Camera for drone
Share 303SPro camera for the DJI M300 RTK
Share 303SPro camera for the DJI M300 RTK

    SHARE 303SPro

    The 303SPro by Share UAV is a high accuracy and efficient drone payload for 3D Surveying. The 303SPro five-lens aerial oblique camera eliminates the need of GCPs during surveying and mapping. The drone camera seamlessly integrates to DJI Matrice 300 RTK through SkyPort.
    DJI M300 RTK + Share 3030SPRO commercial drone flying

    Light Weight Payload for High Precision Data Collection

    Share 303SPro for  DJI M300 RTK is the perfect solution to map vertical structures. It comes with five (5) lenses allowing you to generate high-resolution 3D meshes with <5 cm centimeter-level absolute accuracy. Thanks to its integrated 305 million pixels, data is efficiently collected in less flights and operational time than other comparable oblique cameras for commercial drones. Perfect for surveying, mapping, and other applications that require high-drop large coverage, the 303SPro has been developed with the human eye in mind.

    Wide Coverage in a Single Flight

    Drone's flight time can be directly impacted by the payload's weigh. The SHARE 303SPro only weighs 1400gr, allowing more coverage and flight time in a single flight.

    It features:

    Obstacle avoidance

    1280gr data storage combined with 300 MB/B speed transmission 

    -10 C to 50 C operating temperature

    • Oled screen for display of RTK status, data collection, and working status

     61 MP x 5 lens