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GL300 Gimbal Searchlight
GL300 Gimbal Searchlight

    GL300 Gimbal Searchlight

    The CZI GL300 Gimbal Searchlight provides unprecedented aerial illumination for over 10 hours, and it is the perfect solution for drones operating at night. Through DJI SkyPort V2.0 interface, the GL300 is compatible with DJI M200 V2, M300 RTK and other series drones, which can meet the requirements of night patrol, warning and driving off, direction indication, power line patrol, search and rescue and other night missions.

    Payload Weight (In grams)


    LED Beads

    Illumination Distance




    Up to 100M


        Weight: 1.2Kg
        Dimensions: 190 x 128 x 165 mm
        Total Power: Up to 310W
        LED Power: Up to 300W
        Power Supply Voltage: Up to 48V
        FOV: 45°
        Illumination distance: Up to 100m
        Operating Temperature: -20° to 50°
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