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Micasense RedEdge-MX

    Micasense RedEdge-MX

    The RedEdge-MX by MicaSense is the next generation of the well established multispectral sensor. Compatible with the entire suite of DJI Enterprise products, the RedEdge-MX is the most reliable, accurate, and high-precision multispectral sensor on the market.

    Professional Multispectral Kit

    Payload Weight (In grams)

    At 120m AGL, GSD of

    Multispectral bands

    HFOV of

    90+ Minutes

    8 CM





    The RedEdge-MX’s low weight, low power requirement, and ability to capture RGB and narrowband spectral bands simultaneously means you can gather the data you need in fewer flights. Have multiple UAVs? RedEdge-MX quickly integrates with many different drone platforms.


    With RedEdge-MX, you own your data. You’re not limited to a particular processing platform. You can choose whichever platform is best for you, your customer, or your project.


    RedEdge-MX has five bands—blue, green, red, red edge, and near-infrared—that our research showed were optimal for sensing crop health. It simply shows you more. And with MicaSense Atlas, you can see many different analytical layers in one easy to use interface, and compare these outputs across time.


    We know you need tools you can rely on. That’s why we built the sensors we wanted in the field—predictable, tough, and reliable—so you can gather the data you need when you need it.

    1.  Chlorophyll Map

    The red edge spectral band is the star here, working in conjunction with the other bands to provide a more accurate measure of not just plant vigor but plant health


    2. NDVI Layer

    This commonly known index compares the reflectance of the red band with that of the near-infrared band. However, this index alone provides limited information.


    3. Digital Surface Model

    A DSM is an astonishingly advantageous tool in any agronomist’s arsenal, primarily because of its use in evaluating surface properties and water flow.


    4. RGB Image

    RedEdge-MX features global shutters for distortion-free images, including narrowband red, green, and blue bands for RGB color images that when processed are aligned to all visible and non-visible bands and vegetation indices.