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Sentera DGR System

    Sentera DGR System


    The Sentera Direct Georeferencing (DGR) System revolutionizes aerial mapping by providing high-precision location certainty in minutes. This innovative technology eliminates the need for ground control points and stitching, making it easier and faster to create detailed aerial views and multispectral maps. Reduce your project time by 8x with the Sentera DGR System. Streamline your workflows and focus on making critical decisions. The DGR System cuts total project time by nearly 90% from planning to post-processing.

    Save Time

    Decrease flight time by 60%

    Fast Image Capture

    Capture 9x fewer images

    No Post-Processing

    Eliminate the need for post-processing

    Rapid Data Delivery

    Get data 5x faster

    Pair with Sentera's Science-Grade Multispectral Sensors

    Enhance your DGR System with Sentera's advanced sensors for superior image quality and detailed analytics. Please note: the DGR system is currently available for sale exclusively with either the 6X, 6X Thermal, or 65R Camera. As it stands, the DGR isn't modular, requiring the selection of a specific payload at the factory prior to purchase.


    6X Multispectral Sensor
    • High-Performance Imagery: Fast-frame rate and high radiometric accuracy.
    • Advanced Imagery: Ideal for precise crop health and performance measurements.

    6X Thermal Sensor
    • Thermal Insights: Pixel-level temperature measurement for enhanced decision-making.
    • Accurate Data: Extends the capability of multispectral imagery.

    65R Sensor
    • Ultra-High Resolution: Designed for seamless drone integration.
    • Sharper Imagery: Provides clearer and more detailed images.

    How It Works

    Get ready for flight

    Instead of defining ground control points, prepare for your flight by quickly connecting the DGR System to the DJI M350 Drone: Add tactical-grade inertial measurements (IMU) and dual RTK GPS functionality) in just a few steps.

    Fly and capture data

    Because images require 50% less overlap, capture 9x fewer images for analysis. The result? Faster flights – from 45 minutes to less than 20!  


    View and Analyze Key Data

    With 5x faster data delivery, focus time on analyzing data and measurements to make faster and more precise critical decisions.  

    Upload Data for Post-Processing

    The Sentera DGR results in absolute location certainty. With an output of spatially accurate maps right at the f ield’s edge, no need to rely on stitching to create an orthomosaic


    Real-World Field Analysis Example

    Acres 150 150
    Altitude 120 M 120 M
    Flight Time 45 minutes 17.5 minutes
    Image Captures 1,115 129
    Data Volume 29.0 GB 3.4 GB
    Post-Processing Time 5 hours 10 minutes
    Total Project Time 6 hours 43 minutes

    Key Specifications of the DGR System

    Accuracy Camera Sensors Dual Antenna RTK GPS: 5cm (2 inches)
    Inertial Navigation Camera Orientation 0.5°
    Laser Rangefinder Distance to Canopy 1%
    Geolocation Accuracy at 60m (200 feet) <25cm (10 inches)
    6X Camera 20 MP RGB +5 Band Multispectral
    6X Thermal Camera 20 MP RGB +4 Band Multispectral +320 x 256 LWIR
    65R Camera Ultra-high-resolution 65 MP RGB Coverage
    Flight Coverage 440 acres per flight at 120m altitude
    GSD (Ground Sampling Distance) RGB = 2.0 cm
    Monochrome = 5.20 cm
    GSD (Ground Sampling Distance) RGB = 1.0 cm
    Monochrome = 2.60 cm