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Nexys: Transforming Construction Site Mapping and Management

Nexys is a new and innovative 3D mapping solution poised to transform how construction sites are surveyed, monitored, and managed. This LiDAR payload, utilizing SLAM technology, is designed for versatility, allowing seamless transitions between handheld, drone, vehicle, pole, and other configurations. Engineered to meet IP67 standards, it ensures reliability in various mapping environments. In this blog post, we'll explore how Nexys benefits the construction industry, allowing professionals to streamline operations, enhance project oversight, and ensure success from inception to completion.

Precision Mapping for Real-Time Insight

Construction projects evolve rapidly, with changes occurring at every stage. Nexys utilizes advanced  LiDAR scanning technology to provide highly accurate 3D maps of construction sites in real time. From initial surveys to ongoing progress monitoring, Nexys offers construction teams insights into project developments, enabling better decision-making and tighter control over timelines and budgets.

Quality Assurance Made Simple

Nexys' survey-grade accuracy ensures that even the smallest discrepancies are detected early, preventing costly rework and delays. By comparing actual progress with planned designs,  Nexys helps construction teams maintain the highest quality standards throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring that every aspect meets specifications and regulations.

Enhancing Safety in Hazardous Environments

Construction sites can pose numerous hazards to workers, ranging from uneven terrain to confined spaces and hazardous materials. Nexys' autonomous navigation capabilities allow it to operate safely in challenging environments, eliminating the need for personnel to enter potentially dangerous areas for mapping purposes. By reducing exposure to risks and improving situational awareness, Nexys contributes to a safer working environment for construction teams, ultimately preventing accidents and injuries.

Optimizing Resource Allocation and Workflow Efficiency

Efficient resource utilization is critical to the success of any construction project. Nexys' fast capture capabilities, coupled with its ability to switch between various configurations seamlessly, enable construction teams to optimize their workflows and adapt to changing requirements on the fly. Whether deployed as a handheld device, mounted on a vehicle, or integrated with aerial drones, Nexys offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing construction professionals to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

What Sets Nexys Apart? 

Nexys stands as a game-changer in the field of 3D mapping, offering durability, versatility, low-light performance, advanced LiDAR capabilities, high-performance processing, long battery life, and seamless integration. It's not just a mapping tool; it's a catalyst for innovation and progress in the construction industry. With Nexys, the future of construction site mapping is brighter than ever.

Advanced LiDAR Capabilities + Autonomy Algorithms

Nexys introduces advanced autonomy features that enable it to navigate and capture data independently, revolutionizing construction site mapping. Powered by proprietary autonomy algorithms and SLAM-based LiDAR scanning technology, Nexys achieves survey-grade results without the need for manual control, even in challenging environments. Its flexibility allows users to start with mapping-only operations and seamlessly transition to full autonomy as needed.

Equipped with a gimbaled LiDAR system boasting a 360° horizontal field of view, Nexys captures detailed point cloud data at high speeds. With a maximum range of 300 meters and real-time data visualization, it facilitates rapid and accurate mapping, empowering construction teams to make informed decisions on the fly.

Low-Light Performance

Nexys thrives in low-light or no-light conditions, guaranteeing reliable operation regardless of illumination levels. This capability ensures continuous data capture and maximizes productivity on construction sites.


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