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3D Mapping & Modular Autonomy LiDAR Payload

Nexys: The Most Advanced Autonomous Navigation 

Nexys transforms 3D mapping with its modular design and advanced technology, promising efficiency, safety, and precision in challenging environments. Combining proprietary autonomy algorithms and SLAM-based LiDAR scanning, Nexys achieves survey-grade results without constant piloting, even in GPS-denied or hazardous areas. Its versatility shines through quick configuration changes, from handheld to aerial setups, all meeting rugged IP67 standards. Nexys ensures fast data capture with up to 1.9 million scan points per second and 5mm @ 1 sigma accuracy, while real-time visualization and colorization allow on-site verification before leaving. Certified to withstand tough conditions, Nexys adapts effortlessly, indoors or outdoors. 

±5 mm

Map Accuracy


Points Per Second

3.2 MP



 Horizontal field of view

Speed, Accuracy, and Reliability

When it comes to capturing data, Nexys doesn't disappoint. The SLAM-based spatial mapping technology ensures fast, accurate, and consistent results. With up to 1.9 million scan points per second and survey-grade accuracy of up to 5mm @ 1 sigma, you can trust Nexys to deliver precise data, every time.

The Right Scanning Tool for All Your Needs

Nexys is built for versatility. Using Drone Link, Nexys can be mounted onto any integrated robotic platform to rapidly map with survey-grade accuracy. Quickly switch between various configurations — handheld, backpack, aerial robot, terrestrial robot, vehicle, pole, or custom setups. And thanks to its rugged design meeting IP67 standards, Nexys can handle any mapping environment.

ExynAero DJ34: Autonomy for High-Risk Environments

Explore new frontiers with ExynAero DJ34, the ultimate autonomous drone for high-risk environments. From mining to construction, experience the future of aerial exploration firsthand. With advanced autonomy features, including beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) flight capabilities and real-time obstacle avoidance, the DJ34 drone ensures safety while navigating complex environments. Equipped with gimballed Velodyne LiDAR and a 4K camera with built-in lighting, it delivers high-resolution 3D maps and video footage for comprehensive insights.

  • 20+ Minute Flight Time

    Thanks to Exyn's advanced planning algorithms, ExynAero drones boast an impressive flight time of over 20 minutes. This efficiency means robots can cover more ground in less time, providing customers with extensive data collection opportunities and minimizing downtime.

  • Precise Data Visualization

    ExynAero drones provide precise data visualization, generating detailed maps overlaid with real-time sensor data. These comprehensive 3D visuals offer actionable insights, empowering users to make informed decisions based on accurate information.

  • Modular Design

    Exyn's modular design, powered by the Nexys system, allows for seamless transition between autonomous and manual mapping. The ExynAero DJ34 can navigate hazardous environments autonomously, and then detach its payload for manual mapping, resulting in comprehensive 3D models.

  • Smart Collision Avoidance

    Safety is paramount, which is why ExynAero drones are equipped with advanced collision avoidance technology. With an onboard SLAM engine, ExynAero drones can adapt to changing surroundings, detect and avoid obstacles in real-time, and navigate through challenging situations, such as avoiding thin wires or people.

 Post-Process On-Site

We understand the importance of getting it right the first time. That's why Nexys allows you to capture and process data on-site, giving you real-time visualization with full detail and colorization. With Nexys, you can ensure your scans are accurate and complete before you leave the site, minimizing the need for rework.

NexysTMPro(Hesai) System Specifications

DurabilityBuilt to IP-67 standards
Weight (incl. battery)3.1kg
Weight (w/o battery)2.4kg
Size (H x W x L)104 mm x 180 mm x 361 mm
Operating Temperature-20° to 45° C
Platform modularityDrone/vehicle/backpack-mount, handheld
GPS-RequiredNo (GPS-optional)
Low/No-Light Operation
Drone AutonomyLicense Purchased Separately
Ground AutonomyLicense Purchased Separately
Laser Safety Class1
Field Of View360° horizontal
Rotation Frequency10 Hz
Gimbal Rotation~1Hz
Max Range300 m @ 80% Surface Reflectance
Points Per Second~2,000,000
Return TypeTriple with Intensity
Real-Time Data Visualization
Data Collection Replay
Point Cloud Colorization
Point CloudXYZ, RGB, Intensity
Point Cloud FormatsLAS, PLY, XYZ
Other OutputsTrajectory
Map Accuracy±5 mm
ModelFLIR Blackfly
Field of View220o
# of Cameras2
CPUIntel Core i7
Storage512GB internal SSD
InterfacesUSB 3.0, WiFi
DC Input12-48 V
Power75 W
Batteries Included2
Nominal Voltage14.8V
Battery StandardV-Mount
Battery Capacity (each)98 Wh
Battery Chemistry TypeLi-Ion
Typical Operating Time~2 hours
ModelDell Latitude 7230 12’, IP-65
InterfaceCapacitive Touchscreen
Operating SystemUbuntu 22.04
Software InterfaceExynViewTM, mission control & live data streams
Communication2.4GHz & 5.8GHz WiFi WPA2 encryption
External Size (H x W x L)28 x 41 x 53.4 cm
Shipping Weight20.5 kg
Hand-carry Mount
Industrial Vehicle Mount
Drone MountPurchased Separately
BackPak Case + MountPurchased Separately
Protective CagePurchased Separately
GPS-receiverPurchased Separately

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