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What Sets the Apache 3 Bathymetric Boat Apart?

Selecting the right marine survey system is paramount to obtaining accurate and reliable data for bathymetric surveys in lakes, inland rivers, and coastal areas. Among the top bathymetric systems in the market is the APACHE 3 USV, a cost-effective single beam marine drone.

Portability and One-Person Operation

A standout feature in any marine survey system is portability and ease of operation. The APACHE 3  USV's lightweight design of 7 kg (without sensors) and durable macromolecule polyester carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber-glass construction ensure effortless transportation, installation, calibration, and operation by a single individual. Opting for a system that streamlines the surveying process saves both time and resources, making your projects more efficient.

High Accuracy with Integrated IMU

Accurate survey results are the cornerstone of any successful marine survey. Look for a system that addresses temporary GNSS outages, which can affect position and altitude data. The Apache 3 integrates an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to overcome these outages, providing consistent high-accuracy positions, even when passing under bridges. This tight integration of GNSS and IMU data eliminates outliers, ensuring accurate survey results.

Adaptability to Diverse Water Conditions

The marine environment can present challenging conditions that demand a resilient survey system. The Apache 3's high-efficiency maritime design propulsion system, driven by DC-injection rotary motor technology, boosts energy conversion efficiency by 40%. Its anti-collision design, sealed straw cover with oblique titanium alloy mesh, and corrosion-resistant construction make it ideal for harsh marine conditions, ensuring it stands the test of time.

Precise Navigation with Absolute Linear Technology

Accurate navigation is vital for gathering precise bathymetric data. Look for a system that seamlessly integrates high-precision GNSS positioning and heading technology. The Apache 3's absolute linear technology guarantees a perfect straight sailing course, even in complex current conditions. With its compact design and pocket-hulled vessel, it can confidently maneuver through shoals, channels, and shallow rivers without running aground.

Robust Connectivity and Communication

A marine survey system is only as good as its ability to communicate and share data. The Apache 3 USV is equipped with a master control unit that facilitates seamless 4G communication, expanding the range of survey operations beyond the limitations of traditional network bridge base stations. This enhanced connectivity ensures real-time data transmission and smooth operations.

Versatility with Optional Water Assessment Sensor

Consider a system that offers versatility beyond bathymetric surveys. The Apache 3 USV provides the option to integrate CHCNAV water assessment sensor, allowing you to measure essential water quality parameters like pH, temperature, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. This feature unlocks new possibilities for environmental research and expands the scope of your marine projects.

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