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Drone payloads such as lidar sensors, gas detection sensors, thermal and multispectral cameras further expands the drones' capabilities for terrain mapping, environmental monitoring, and agricultural analysis. 

Discover our extensive range of high-performance drone payloads from top brands like DJI, Micasense, and YellowScan. Whether you need advanced imaging for inspection, agricultural analysis, or environmental monitoring, we have the solution. From the precision of the Zenmuse L2 to the efficiency of the Micasense RedEdge-P DUAL, our payloads deliver unmatched capabilities. Explore LiDAR mapping with YellowScan Mapper Plus or capture stunning visuals with Share 202S Pro Camera. With options like the DJI U10 Methane Gas Detector and ES Series Electronic Delivery Device, we cater to diverse needs. Contact us for more information.

DJI Payload (25)

Zenmuse L2


Micasense RedEdge-P


Micasense Altum-PT


Micasense RedEdge-P DUAL


EchoLogger ECT D052S Echo Sounder


Share 202S Pro


YellowScan Mapper+


Zenmuse P1


Share 100M PRO


YellowScan Voyager


ES Series Electronic Delivery Device




Share 102S Series


Share 6100 Series


YellowScan Explorer


DJI U10 Methane Gas Detector


Wingsland Z15


YellowScan Mapper