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HQ-400 MultiBeam Sonar System
HQ-400 MultiBeam Sonar System

    HQ-400 MultiBeam Sonar System


    The HQ-400 Multibeam Sonar System offers integrated functionality for seamless underwater terrain measurement.

    • Integrated Design: Combines small multi-beam sonar, temperature sensor, attitude, positioning, compass, and other core sensors into a compact and integrated system.

    • Calibration-Free Operation: With no installation and calibration required, the HQ-400 Multibeam Sonar System offers convenience and ease of use, especially on small unmanned carrier platforms such as the Apache 3 and Apache 6.

    The CMS Multibeam Acquisition Software provides a comprehensive solution for underwater terrain measurement. Its compact, lightweight design coupled with advanced features makes it an ideal choice for various applications, from river profiling to hydrographic surveys.

    • Compact and Lightweight: With a 12.5cm cubic shape, the CMS Multibeam Acquisition Software is highly portable and can be easily carried on manned ships and Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs).

    • Simple and Calibration-Free: Enjoy hassle-free operation with no presetting required. The software is designed for simplicity and efficiency in data acquisition.

    • Ultra-High Stability: Equipped with a high-performance SOC system chip, the CMS Multibeam Acquisition Software ensures ultra-high stability, even in challenging environments.

    CMS Multibeam Measurement Software: The CMS Multibeam Measurement Software provides powerful tools for data acquisition and visualization, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in survey tasks.

    • Comprehensive Compatibility: Compatible with various positioning, attitude instruments, compasses, and multi-beam equipment, ensuring seamless integration into existing setups.

    • Intuitive Operation: Features a user-friendly interface with advanced planning and line layout functions, enabling surveyors and helmsmen to complete tasks efficiently.

    CMS Multibeam Post-Processing Software: Complete your underwater survey workflow with the CMS Multibeam Post-Processing Software, offering advanced data processing capabilities.

    • One-Stop Solution: Seamlessly integrates with the CMS Multibeam Measurement Software to form a comprehensive solution for data acquisition and processing.

    • Highly Efficient Processing: Utilizes hardware encryption locks and advanced algorithms for fast and accurate data processing, eliminating system errors and delivering high-quality results.

    Applications: The CMS Multibeam Acquisition System is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

    • Topographic Survey: Accurately measure underwater terrain for topographic mapping and analysis.

    Topographic Survey
    • Capacity Calculation: Determine capacity and volume measurements for reservoirs, channels, and other water bodies.

    Capacity Calculation

    • Hydrographic Survey: Conduct detailed hydrographic surveys for navigation, dredging, and environmental monitoring.

    Hydrographic Survey

    • River Profile Survey: Study river profiles to understand water flow, erosion patterns, and sediment transport.

    River Profile survey

    HQ-400 Specifications

    Specifications (Version 24.01):

    • Sonar:

      • Electrical Position+IMU+Sound Velocity
      • Depth Range: 0.2-150m
      • Survey Mode: Real-time rolling stabilization, etc.
      • Swath Coverage: 130°
      • Resolution (Across x Along): 1.6° x 1.8°
      • Number of Beams: 512
      • Maximum Ping Rate: 60Hz
      • Frequency Range: 400KHz±20KHz
      • Signal Type: CW
      • Pulse Length: 20μs-2ms
      • Sonar Waterproofing: 50m
    • Feature:

      • IMU Mounting Method: Equilateral angle and distance
      • Heading Accuracy (GNSS): 0.1° (2m Antenna Separation), 0.05° (0.02° Optional)
      • IMU Roll / Tilt Accuracy: 0.8cm+1ppm(RTK)/0.6m(SBAS)/1.2m(Single )
      • Position Accuracy: 5cm or 5%
      • Lifting and Sinking Precision: Temperature probe, accuracy ±0.5m/s
      • Surface Sound Velocity: Built-in Sonar
    • Physical:

      • DC Power Supply: 8-36V DC (Type: 24V)
      • AC Adapter: 100-240V AC
      • Average Power Consumption: 25W
      • Data/Control Interface: Gigabit Ethernet
      • Probe Size: 125125130mm
      • Probe Weight: 2.7kg
      • SIU Size: 12512542mm
      • SIU Weight: 0.5kg
      • Working Temperature: -10~60°C
      • Storage Temperature: -20~70°C