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GreenValley LiAir H1500F
GreenValley LiAir H1500F

    GreenValley LiAir H1500F


    Long-Range LiDAR Scanning System

    The LiAir H1500F is a high-tech long-range LiDAR scanning system meticulously engineered by GreenValley International. Designed to revolutionize large-scale point cloud data acquisition, this system integrates a long-range laser scanner, high-precision inertial navigation system, and a 45-megapixel full-frame mapping camera. Tailored for versatility, it is ideal for various platforms including small rotary-wing and fixed-wing drones, making it an indispensable tool for terrain mapping, power line inspection, forestry monitoring, mining exploration, and more.

    Up to

    7 Returns

    Mapping Camera

    45 MP


    3.5 kg

    Key Features and Benefits

    • Lightweight & Simple Design: Weighing only 3.5kg, its compact and lightweight body ensures easy integration with drones, enhancing mobility and operational efficiency.

    • High Efficiency & Accuracy: Achieve a maximum range of 1500m with a horizontal field of view of 75 degrees and a point rate of 2,000,000 points/s. The system boasts a repeat ranging accuracy of 5mm and a vertical positioning error of less than 5cm at a flight height of 200m.

    • High Penetration Capability: Capable of up to 7 returns, it offers exceptional vegetation penetration. Capture detailed sub-canopy terrain even in dense vegetation areas, delivering high-precision topographic results.

    • Ultra-high-definition Imaging: Equipped with a 45MP full-frame mapping camera with a field of view of 81°(H) x 60°(V). Capture high-definition images with a ground resolution of 4.2cm, enabling the creation of precise Digital Orthophoto Maps (DOM).

    • Whole-process Solutions: Seamlessly integrate with GreenValley's advanced software solutions such as LiGeoreference, LiPowerline, and LiDAR360. From pre-processing to post-processing, generate 4D products, individual tree segmentation reports, and power line inspection analysis reports effortlessly.


    Category Specification Category Specification
    Detection Range 1500m @ 80% reflectance Accuracy (Vertical) 5cm @ 200m
    1000m @ 60% reflectance Memory 256GB TF Card
    700m @ 20% reflectance Weight 3.5 kg
    Power Specifications Voltage: 18-24V Protection & Communication IP54, Communication: WIFI
    Power Consumption: 63 W Temperature Operating: -20~50°C, Storage: -30~60°C
    LiDAR Unit Wavelength: 1550nm Inertial Navigation System GNSS: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BD
    Channels: 1, FOV: 75° Attitude Accuracy: 0.005°, Azimuth Accuracy: 0.01°
    Camera Pixels: 45 MP Software Pre-processing:
    Sensor size: 36 * 24mm  LiGeoreference
    Focal Length: 21mm  Post-processing:
    Field of view: 81°(H) x 60°(V)  LiDAR360/LiPowerline (Optional)
    Image Size: 8184x5460