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[WEBINAR REWIND] How Suncor Utilizes Drones to Manage one of Canada’s Largest Drone Programs with Measur and Flight Insight

In the ever-evolving landscape of technological innovation, industries are constantly seeking new ways to enhance efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. One such industry at the forefront of this movement is energy, and leading the charge is Suncor, utilizing cutting-edge drone technology with the support of Measur and Flight Insight. Let's explore how this collaboration is shaping the future of drone operations in Canada's energy sector.

Suncor's Growing Drone Program

Since its inception in 2020, Suncor's drone program has witnessed exponential growth, evolving from scattered operations to a comprehensive, regulated system. With the mandate to manage risk across all operations and create a unified approach to drone activity, Suncor embarked on a journey to streamline its drone operations. 

Introducing Flight Insight and the Suncor Aviation Management System (SAMS)

Suncor partnered with Flight Insight, a Calgary-based tech firm specializing in aviation safety and risk management services to develop Suncor's Aviation Management System (SAMS), a web-based platform accessible across devices. SAMS serves as a centralized hub for tracking and scheduling drone flights, providing advanced airspace management capabilities, and ensuring regulatory compliance. One of the key components of Suncor's drone program is the comprehensive management system provided by Flight Insight. This system not only facilitates efficient scheduling and documentation but also automates compliance tracking, risk analysis, and reporting. With automated notifications for expiring documents and intuitive stoplight indicators for compliance status, Suncor can ensure operational readiness while minimizing administrative overhead. Moreover, Flight Insight's system offers regional separation capabilities, allowing Suncor to manage drone operations across multiple jurisdictions seamlessly. This feature ensures that only relevant personnel have access to pertinent information, enhancing operational security and efficiency.

Managing Airspace with Precision: The EOTAC Hardware

Flight Insight introduced Suncor to the Ecotech tracking technology, revolutionizing how airspace is managed. Unlike traditional GPS-dependent systems, Ecotech utilizes radio frequency, offering superior reliability and resistance to GPS spoofing. This hardware, coupled with Flight Insight's software, empowers Suncor to monitor airspace in real-time, mitigate risks, and optimize operations with unparalleled precision. In addition to these features, Suncor places a strong emphasis on standardizing equipment onboarding and physical equipment training. This standardization is essential to ensure consistency in data collection methods across all pilots. By utilizing a standardized equipment package, such as the DJI M350  RTK paired with the P1, H20T and L2, every crew receives identical training and equipment, resulting in uniform data analytics for efficient processing. This approach minimizes support requests and maximizes productivity in the field.

Measur: Empowering Suncor's Drone Operations

As a trusted partner, Measur has played an important role in Suncor's drone journey. Providing industry-leading drone equipment, comprehensive training, and ongoing support, Measur ensures Suncor's internal team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to operate drones safely and efficiently. With Measur's expertise, Suncor leverages drones to enhance operational capabilities while adhering to the highest safety standards.

Advanced Sensor Integration and Specialized Solutions for Enhanced Data Collection

With a flexible payload option system like the DJI M350, Suncor can seamlessly integrate various payloads, including hyperspectral sensors, methane detectors, and thermal inspection tools, to address specific requirements efficiently.

Moreover, Measur's partnership with SPH Engineering provides access to even more specialized sensors for niche applications. From GPR units for lower depth mapping to echos sounders for tailing pond mapping. By combining standardized drone packages with specialized sensors, Suncor creates a robust framework that optimizes workflow efficiency.

Looking ahead, as Transport Canada regulations evolve, Suncor is prepared to leverage innovative solutions like the DJI Dock 2  for scalable drone operations. This drone docking station offers fully autonomous deployment and advanced flight routes, enabling centralized control and maximizing operational efficiency.
In the dynamic realm of energy operations, innovation is key to staying ahead of the curve. Suncor's collaboration with Measur and Flight Insight exemplifies this ethos, demonstrating how strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technology can drive transformative change. By harnessing the power of drones, Suncor not only enhances operational efficiency but also reinforces its commitment to safety, environmental stewardship, and industry leadership.

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Webinar: How Suncor Utilizes Drones to Manage one of Canada’s Largest Drone Programs

About Measur:
Measur is a leading provider of drone solutions, committed to delivering safety, reliability, and innovation. With expertise in equipment, training, and support, Measur empowers industries to unlock the full potential of drones in their operations.

About Flight Insight:
Flight Insight is a Calgary-based tech firm specializing in aviation safety and risk management services. Their comprehensive solutions enable organizations to manage airspace efficiently while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

About Suncor:
Suncor is a leading energy company based in Canada, committed to responsible energy development and environmental stewardship. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Suncor continues to drive progress in the energy sector.


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